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Santè Soup: a great classic of the Molise tradition

The Santè Soup is a typical Molise dish based on broth, stale bread, meatballs and stringy cheese, usually prepared during the Christmas holidays. Legend has it that the recipe was born at the end of the fourteenth century in Agnone in homage to Queen Giovanna II; other hypotheses see the dish as a contamination from Tharida, a soup symbol of the Islamic tradition. Today, depending on the...

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The tradition of “Pasturella” of Agnone

The bagpipes sang the Pastorale on November 21 of each year in the Church of San Pietro in Agnone to announce the arrival of Christmas and the departure of the artisans to the markets. After the mass, in the houses you could find hot chocolate and Raffaijuoli. Even today the tradition remains alive; let's find out together!

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