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Longing for Molise in the works of Giose Rimanelli

Giose Rimanelli is an important Italian writer of the twentieth century born and raised in Molise, famous above all for his debut novel “Tiro al piccione”. Although he soon decides to emigrate to the United States, Rimanelli celebrates his beloved Molise in many works, as only an emigrant who feels deep nostalgia for his land can do.

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Discover Roccamandolfi, one of the ‘pearls’ of Matese

The small village of Roccamandolfi is a real 'pearl' on the slopes of the Matese mountains. It is a pleasant discovery for lovers of trekking in the wild and unspoilt nature. From the inhabited center, through a path that crosses the woods of the Callora Torrent Natural Reserve, you reach the ruins of the ancient castle and a tibetan bridge suspended in the void, which gives strong emotions...

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