Art and culture

The ancient art of Molise weaving

That of the loom is a real art which dates back thousands of years before the Christian era. An art that is still jealously preserved in Molise, based on the use of ancient handcrafted wooden frames for the textile processing such as cotton and linen.

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Castelpetroso: a fairy-tale church in Molise

We are in Castelpetroso, a village of Molise in province of Isernia which counts around 1600 inhabitants. This village hosts a spectacular Church which seems to be come out from a fairy. It’s the Church of Maria Santissima Addolorata. Let’s find out together this important attraction of the religious tourism in Molise.

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Longing for Molise in the works of Giose Rimanelli

Giose Rimanelli is an important Italian writer of the twentieth century born and raised in Molise, famous above all for his debut novel “Tiro al piccione”. Although he soon decides to emigrate to the United States, Rimanelli celebrates his beloved Molise in many works, as only an emigrant who feels deep nostalgia for his land can do.

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