The historic center of Campobasso

A trip to Molise cannot ignore the visit of its capital, Campobasso.
To discover the heart of the city we recommend a walk that starts from the Murat center and goes up the hill, to the medieval old town and the summit castle.

The Murat center (whose name derives from Gioacchino Murat who ordered its construction starting from 1815), constituted an innovative urban expansion of the city that earned Campobasso the name of “garden city”, due to the presence of parks, squares and avenues lined with trees.
Even today this area is the nerve center of the city, full of bars, cafes and shops.

The historical center, of medieval structure, is in the shape of half moon on the slope of the Colle Sant’Antonio, on whose top stands the Monforte castle. After passing through the curtain of walls and towers that encircled the ancient medieval citadel, we recommend a walk through the winding lanes, stairways and narrow alleys.
Take some time to linger over the beauty of churches, historic buildings and museums and do not rush to get to the castle, on the top of the hill. From there all your efforts will be repaid: waiting for you, at almost 800 ms high, an unmissable view of the city below.