Discover Molise

Molise is a land of passage, in which you rarely stop.
You usually pass by chance, perhaps without realizing it (it is the second smallest and least populated region in Italy after the Valle d’Aosta). This patch of land connects central and southern Italy, the central Apennines and the Adriatic coast, in a privileged position in relation to the largest and most important centers of the Belpaese.
Yet if you stop, you will be pleasantly surprised.

It is the subtle charm that it exerts and which is difficult to describe: the enchantment of the areas still unknown to most, hidden, that you do won’t expect. Outside the usual mass tourism routes, time seems to stop here.

A nature still relatively intact; a widespread settlement, made up of little populated centers and enchanting hilltop villages that, together with the castles scattered all over the territory, offer almost fairytale views; a thousand-year history witnessed by archaeological sites of worldwide interest; knowledge and traditions jealously preserved by a welcoming and hospitable population; the genuine flavors of the past.

lovelyMolise is an invitation to discover this little-known land, perhaps the last outpost of an Italy that still has the taste and smell of good things.