Festivities and traditions

The lent “Pupatta”: an ancient Molise tradition

Have you ever heard of Lent's “Pupatta”? It is a doll dressed in black cloth made and exhibited in Molise homes during the forty days preceding Easter, as a symbol of patience and abstinence. The tradition, steeped in pagan references, is still very much alive in some Molise villages such as in Santa Croce di Magliano, where the Pupatte hanging from the balconies decorate the streets.

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The ancient craft of “ru mpagliasegge”

The artisan tradition of the construction of chairs was widespread in past centuries mostly in the mountainous areas of Molise, where the necessary raw materials were readily available: rushes of straw and beech wood. Today the profession of "ru mpagliasegge" has instead turned into a pastime that remains alive especially for the production of furniture for family use.

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